Avanti Rangnekar

Innovation Associate
Avanti Rangnekar is an innovation associate at the Acceleration Lab. Her work currently focuses on enhancing the well-being of Penn Medicine employees and scaling proactive mental health care to populations beyond Penn. Avanti channels her passion for empathetic communication into all of her projects - from forming mutually beneficial partnerships with internal and external teams to setting the tone for interactions with patients and providers. She also works to understand and communicate the larger context of people's needs in a way that informs design and breaks down barriers to meaningful care.
Avanti received her bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Tennessee. 




Passion areas

Improving patient experience, improving provider experience, re-imagining patient and provider interactions

Favorite project outcome

The design and success of Cobalt!

What will the future of health care look like?

Something like Cobalt, which is designed with patient and provider experience and social barriers in mind and configured to be actively anti-racist

Wish for the future of health and medicine

To create a health care experience that patients and providers can look forward to - more transparency, fewer barriers to care, and a pleasurable experience.

Favorite innovator

Dr. Atul Gawande

Favorite innovation

The lap desk

Favorite travel destination

Edinburgh, Scotland

I could teach you how to

Curate Spotify playlists and wheel throw pottery