David Resnick, MS.Ed, MPH

Senior Innovation Manager
David Resnick is a senior innovation manager at the Acceleration Lab, where he works to reimagine and implement new models of care. His current projects help vulnerable patients spend less time in the hospital and more time safely at home. 
David is passionate about blending his interests in education, health, and design to tackle seemingly intractable problems. Before joining the team, he was an elementary school teacher who built a nationally-recognized school wellness program. Later, he co-founded a startup for addictively fun family cooking called Planet Murple, where he worked with Google Launchpad to pilot products and raise funding. Simultaneously, David worked at Kaiser Permanente designing resources for the region’s four million patients. 
David earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yale University. Later, he received his master’s degree in early childhood education from Hunter College and his master’s degree in public health from UC Berkeley.
Passion areas

Reducing health disparities, sharing design methods, and exploring how food and nature improve health

Favorite project outcome

SOAR - ensuring every older adult patient discharged home had a documented personal recovery goal shared with their home care team

What will the future of health care look like?

Proactively maintaining health rather than reactively treating sickness. More care happening at home and in the community rather than in a hospital.

Favorite innovation

Longitude and latitude (thank you, Greeks)

Favorite travel destination


Little known fact about me

I won’t eat spaghetti with tomato sauce

Favorite downtime activity

Hiking and camping