Steve Honeywell, MBA

Senior Data Analyst

Steve Honeywell is a senior data analyst at the Acceleration Lab. In this role, Steve works with project teams to evaluate their data needs and build analytics solutions to help them reach their goals. Steve supports teams from exploratory analyses, to evaluation, to hand-off. He aims to make end-users more data-oriented and translate insightful stories that information tells us.

Steve holds an MBA in health sector management from Temple University. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Penn State University.

Passion areas

Improving the global environments that affect our health, making it as easy as possible for clinicians to do their work well, and enhancing health industry literacy amongst the population

Favorite project outcome

Changing the generic prescribing default option, which lead to an overnight increase of adherence to close to 100% across the health system.


What will the future of health care look like?

More technological and home-based care

Wish for the future of health and medicine

That it is less expensive

Favorite innovator

Isaac Newton

Favorite travel destination

The western coast of Ireland

Favorite quote

“And so we might say: the first act of creation is not a mark, it is the nullification of the infinity that exists before the first mark. To make a mark is to remember that we are finite. It is to break, or violate, the illusion that we are nature that goes around in a loop forever. But it is also a confirmation of our knowledge and freedom, which is all we have in this world.” – Nicole Krauss

Favorite downtime activity

Watching my son grow up, writing, and Rocket League

My Pet

Ella, a 10(ish)-year-old lab-something-or-other